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Why should your business use video?

Because 96% of consumers find video helpful when making a decision!

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92% of consumers now read online reviews for local businesses.

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The fast track to crushing SEO & the front page of major search engines.

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Easily create 30 second commercials for your brand in minutes.

Here's the truth...

As a business owner, the most effective way to show up on the first page of major search engines is... VIDEO!

But for many, tapping into the power of video for their business just isn't possible because of the growing cost:

❌ Finding actors or spokesmodels... $500
❌ Hiring a copywriter to write your script... $500
❌ Getting a crew to properly light & stage your set... $500 
❌ The entire filming & post production process... $1,000+ The headache of having to rent camera equipment... $1,000

Plus, once you factor in that this might not even work in growing your business, all of these ultimately leave too many business on the sideline in one of the most compelling things your business can use.


We’ve perfected the easy way for you to create incredible videos for your business in JUST 20 minutes!

Welcome to...
 Instantly create your own customized 30 second commercial!
RepVideos is a fully automated marketing platform that combines two of the most powerful types of marketing strategies together, reputation & video marketing to provide you with everything you need to create thirty second videos that market your 5 star reputation at push-button speed. 

RepVideos is the perfect solution for business owners that are ready to easily grow their business with Hollywood studio style commercials that feature spokes models & are proven to convert!

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As a business in today's online world, leveraging the power of a positive reputation has never been more important.

And it may comes as surprise to you, but 92% of consumers now read online reviews for local businesses.

Or did you know that when given two products with similar ratings, consumers are more likely to buy the product with more reviews?

What's this all mean?

The best form of content you can market is your own reputation.

Actively displaying a positive reputation can be the difference between revenue lost and revenue gained. 

And there's perhaps no better way for your business to reach more customers than by placing your five star reputation in the spotlight and tapping into the power of video to do so!

Here's why...

96% of consumers find video helpful when making adecision!

77% of consumers consider companies that create online video as being more engaged with customers.

58% of consumers believe that a company that produces video can be trusted!


77% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months are not relevant.

Take action now, and every 90 days we will give you one new RepVideo for your business.

That’s 5 for extra videos for the year at NO EXTRA COST!

Why 5 additional RepVideos?

Because it's important that your brand has consistently placed NEW video content on all of your marketing channels:

Social Media
Your Website
Paid Traffic

And unfortunately most businesses don't take advantage of these channels to grow their brand. 

Meaning you will have 5X the power to increase your SEO, social media, brand presence and truly become a industry leader in your market. Plus once you consider that 77% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months are not relevant....

​​​​​​​This will be a game changer for your business!

Simply activate your account today and every 90 days you'll receive a notifcation of your new RepVideo being available!
As an additional exclusive feature unlock, RepVideos will empower you to put your brand's 5 star reputation in the spotlight and create a competitive presence when attention matters most! 

✓ Showcase your incredible 30 second commercial to the world with the push-of-a button

✓ In minutes you can create and syndicate your videos to all major social media platforms months in advance, saving time & money

✓ Each commercial is optimized for SEO to reach the first page of major search engines 

✓ Create more traffic for your business by placing your RepVideo on your website
Get Started In Just 2 Easy Steps!
RepVideos gives you the power to easily create 100% original & unique Hollywood style produced 30 second commercials, valued at thousands of dollars in just minutes minutes for your business!

✓ Simply check a box and RepVideos will deliver the most recent 5 stars reviews for your business!

✓ Then begin to build your 30 second commercial that you can easily make 100 percent unique to your brand! 
What typically takes hours and thousands of dollars in production costs, is now all done-for you WITH NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

RepVideos comes loaded with professional spokes models (from the US, UK, Australia, Spain,& Ireland) that have been filmed On Green Screen backgrounds that you can personalize to take your videos to the next level!

✓ Simply drag and drop to incorporate your products / business

✓ Each commercial is completely unique to your brand & includes your most recent 5 star reviews

✓ Customizable green screened office backgrounds 

✓ Includes unique openings, closings & calls-to-action

✓ Features automated prime time graphics & animations

✓ 100% Royalty for video use online

See how easy it is for you to create commercials that will boost your business!

Celeste L.

"My sales girl had her first win today (and it’s only 11:30 am!!)

Feeling proud and prosperous!!"

Matthew M.

"A tried and true product. The value is 10x for the customer and that turns into profit for me.

It's helped me achieve over a MILLION $ in sales.

Paul K.

"Review Commercials are an awesome strategy. We have added extra revenue and closed 2 new clients!

Exclusive Access:
Create Your Own RepVideo 

+Unlock 5 Additional RepVideos

ONLY $499!


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